Togo–“We can only continue to demand a chance of government ”

Togolese activist Farida Nabourema has not said her last word on the governance in Togo. The leader of “Faure Must Go”, has once again slammed the power of Lomé.

In an interview with Ghanaian media earlier this weekend, Farida said she cannot see any possible change under the current regime in her country. According to her, a complete change of the regime is the best option for Togolese people.

“That regime was built on a coup. And the killing was the very first military coup in Africa in 1963. The very first time an African President was assassinated.”, she said.

“The Gnassingbé regime actually arrived in blood. It’s built on that violence and has maintained itself in power through that violence…My demand is to have a complete change of government. We must completely remove the military regime from power.”

The founder of “Faure Must Go” therefore indicates that this can only be done through civilians, citizens organising and demanding accountability.

“Because we have no other means of doing that. Attempts have been made on many occasions by several generations…but unfortunately, they haven’t been victorious. We can only continue to demand a change of government but we can’t tell how soon that could happen.” she concluded .

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