Togo to establish a new public university in the Plateaux region


Togo is preparing to establish a third major public university, in addition to those in Lomé and Kara. During the council of ministers on Wednesday, September 27, the government examined and approved a draft decree aimed at creating the University of Datcha in the Plateaux region.

This new institution will be located in Datcha, approximately ten kilometers south of the city center of Atakpamé. According to the government, it will offer training programs focused on professionalism, technology and science for students and the like.

The creation of this new university is part of the government’s desire to “strengthen the quality of higher education”, in accordance with “its five-year roadmap”. In addition, it aims to expand the presence of universities and educational centers in different economic regions of the country.

According to the authorities, the two universities already operating in Lomé and Kara currently welcome around 100,000 students.

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