Togo to be assisted by UN Global Program on Protection of Vulnerable Targets

United Nations Office of counter-terrorism (UNOCT) and the Togolese Foreign Minister, Robert Dussey launched on Tuesday the implementation of technical assistance on vulnerable targets protection for Togo as part of the Global Programme on the Protection of Vulnerable Targets.

The Programme implemented by the United Nations has pledged therefore to assist Togo to develop capacities to encounter terrorists threats.

A decision hailed by Togo’s Foreign Minister Robert Dussey.

Global Programme on the Protection of Vulnerable Targets is to contribute to the development of cooperative approaches involving both international cooperation and public-private partnerships to strengthen the security of Member States, and particularly the protection of vulnerable targets from terrorist attacks.

More specifically, it seeks to support Member States to enhance capacities to prevent and counter: Threats against major sports events; Threats against religious sites and places of worship; Threats to urban centres and touristic venues and Threats associated with unmanned air systems.

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