Togo hit by a new deadly attack in the north

FAT (Forces Armées Togolaises)

The north of Togo again bereaved by a deadly attack in the Savannah region. No official confirmation from the authorities for the moment, but a security source confirms that several localities were attacked overnight from Thursday to Friday July 15, 2022.

The localities targeted overnight by unidentified assailants are in the Kpendjal prefecture, a border district with Burkina Faso to the north and Benin to the east. According to several sources, in Blamonga, ten inhabitants were killed. Five others in Kpemboli.

Witnesses claim to have heard exchanges of gunfire and detonations until the early morning. Friday afternoon a resident of Mandouri, capital of the prefecture of Kpendjal, indicates that the ambulances have not stopped running.

The vehicle of the Mandouri brigade commander reportedly jumped on an explosive device on its way to Blamonga. He and several of his men were reportedly transported to the Dapaong hospital center.

Since mid-June, the Savanes region has been in a “state of security emergency”. A first deadly attack took place in the region in May. Claimed by the GSIM, it had cost the lives of eight Togolese soldiers.

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