Togo celebrates as ‘Made in Togo’ clothing exports to the USA commence


The Adetikopé Industrial Platform (PIA) has officially commenced the export of ‘Made in Togo’ clothing to the United States of America on Tuesday, October 10th. Togolese authorities are proudly hailing this new era.

Over 123,000 clothing items, as per the order of the American brand ‘Children’s Place,’ have allegedly been efficiently loaded into containers and are currently en route to the United States of America.

This accomplishment follows nearly two years after the establishment of the textile park within the Adetikopé Industrial Platform (PIA).

“The commencement of these exports reaffirms Togo’s commitment to undertaking bold reforms aimed at improving the business environment and encouraging domestic and foreign investments to diversify the economy. Consequently, close collaboration between the public and private sectors will be maintained and expanded to attract investments similar to those of PIA,” expressed Manuella Santos, the Minister for Investment Promotion.

In the process, a clothing manufacturing training center has been established within the platform to provide extensive training for a significant number of aspiring individuals, thereby augmenting the pace of production. Togo aspires to position itself as a prominent contributor to the textile industry within the sub-region.

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