New Peace Corps cohort to begin mission in Togo


In Togo, a new cohort of the United States Peace Corps is set to be deployed in the coming days. A group of 21 young volunteers took their oath on Friday, September 1st, in Lomé, during a ceremony attended by the Minister of Community Development, Myriam Dossou-d’Almeida, and the U.S. Ambassador, Elizabeth Fitzsimmons.

The 2023 cohort has committed to promoting the well-being of Togolese communities after undergoing twelve weeks of intensive training and immersion in the country’s realities.

“For two years, they will be deployed in four regions (Kara, Centrale, Plateaux, and Maritime) and will work in three primary areas: healthcare, agriculture, and education,” stated Maureen Cunningham, the Resident Representative of the Peace Corps in Togo.

“Their commitment is noble, and their mission will undoubtedly be exhilarating in a country known for its hospitality and spirit of coexistence,” added the Minister.

According to the Togolese government, since its inception in Togo in 1962, the Peace Corps has deployed over 3,000 volunteers in the country.

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