ECA and Togo agree to create African Center for Cybersecurity


Togo and the United Nations Economic Commission for Africa (ECA) have signed a memorandum of understanding to collaborate on the creation of the “African Center for Coordination and Research in Cybersecurity”, Cina Lawson, Togolese Minister of Digital Economy announced on Tuesday.

As a central regional cybersecurity information and intelligence hub based in Lomé (Togo), the center will act independently and objectively in expertise and activities related to the promotion of cybersecurity and the investigation of cybercrime.

The missions of this initiative will cover, among others, capacity building and support to cybersecurity agencies established in African countries, working with African governments, policy makers, law enforcement and security experts to create effective frameworks to assess and mitigate cyber threats and promote cyber security in the region. The center will also provide highly specialized technical and research capabilities for promoting cybersecurity in the region.

To date, Togo is one of the few countries to have ratified the Malabo Convention. The country has put in place a legal and regulatory framework adapted to cybersecurity and set up regulatory entities such as the National Cybersecurity Agency (ANCy) and the Personal Data Protection Authority (IPDCP).

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