Appeal for funds to save the life of a Togolese in the US


The family of Dr. Jean-Marc Komi Akakpo, a Togolese residing in the United States of America, is requesting financial assistance to assist the compatriot, who suffered a cardiac arrest last February, while his health insurance came to an end.

The images of the patient already circulating on the web are heartbreaking. The man indeed needs help to recover his health.

According to the family press release, on the evening of February 19, 2023, Jean-Marc Komi Akakpo, professor at Kennesaw State University (Georgia -USA) had a cardiac arrest while attending a conference in Baltimore MD as volunteer for Notre Dame Mission Volunteers, a non-profit organization affiliated with AmeriCorps.

“He was rushed to St Joseph Medical Center where he remained for 5 weeks on life support after a period in a coma,” the document said.

The will be transferred on March 24 to Futurecare Homewood a rehabilitation center in Baltimore MD, he was evacuated at the latest news to the emergency room of Memorial Union Hospital in Baltimore MD.

While expressing their gratitude to everyone who has already shown sympathy for the brother, the family is appealing for donations especially as the patient’s health insurance is about to expire. The link the fundraising is:

For more information, kindly contact Jean-Marc’s cousin Mr Winston Kwami Dzose also living in the USA (Georgia) or join a communication platform set up on Facebook to situate opinion and answer questions related to the situation. :,

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