Togo to strengthen the fight against psychoactive substances


The Togolese government recalled this week that the sale and consumption of tobacco and its by-products, especially shisha, are prohibited and punishable. Togo therefore wants to intensify control and the fight against the promotion and consumption of psychoactive substances.

Although several penal provisions already existed since 1998, they were strengthened in 2015, with the introduction of new constraints.
“The possession, purchase, consumption, cultivation of plants and substances classified as narcotic or psychotropic (cannabis, ecstasy, opioids, cocaine, amphetamines, etc.) are prohibited and punished”, recalled the Ministry of Security.

Similarly, “incitement and provocation by any means to the illicit use of drugs or substances presented as having the same effects or not, constitute offenses”, continues the ministry. In this sense, “those who knowingly provide a minor with one of the chemical or toxic inhalants or plants or substances classified as narcotics or psychotropic substances will be prosecuted and punished”.

Also affected by this tightening of measures, the sale and consumption of tobacco and its derivatives, as well as alcohol.

In Togo, the shisha or hookah, a water pipe device used for smoking tobacco, and has been widely used for some years.

“I challenge young people who engage in these practices. Stop now, at the risk of falling under the law” , the minister in charge of youth, Myriam Dossou-d’Almeida urged last Friday.

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