Togo-Road overload: new rules come into force at the end of July

Togolese authorities have extended to 30 days, on July 8, the deadline granted to road hauliers to bring deformed or modified vehicles up to standard.

The ministers in charge of transport and security on Thursday approved the extension of the deadline granted to road carriers for the upgrading of deformed or modified vehicles.

Indeed, the actors in the transport sector had until July 1, 2021 to comply with the regulatory dimensions of vehicles, announced on April 13.

The recommended dimensions and standards are specified as follows:

Single motor vehicle, Trailer (without coupling device) and semi-trailer (between kingpin and rear): 12.00 m

Articulated vehicle: 16.50 m

Road train: 18.75 m


Temperature-controlled transport vehicle: 2.60 m

Other vehicles: 2.55 m


All vehicles: 4.50 m.
According to the government, these new regulations, which are harmonized with those in force in the WAEMU area, are intended to better regulate the national road transport sector for goods, prevent road degradation and prevent accidents.

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