Togo-New law on sexual abuse: The UK updates its citizens


Following the adoption of a new law to better combat sexual violence in Togo, the United Kingdom has issued a statement on Wednesday informing its citizens traveling or residing in the country.

“If you’ve been sexually assaulted it’s important to remember that it was not your fault. Rape and sexual assault is always wrong no matter who commits it or where it happens. It is traumatic and it can affect you both physically and emotionally. Do not be afraid to get help,” the British government said in the statement.

The country urges its citizens to immediately seek medical advice and attention report to local police engage with foreign legal authorities following a rape or other form of sexual assault overseas.

The government then provided the measures to be taken in such a situation in Togo.

This reaction of the British government follows the adoption Monday, in the Togolese National Assembly, of a new law against sexual violence.

The text puts in place preventive measures and sanctions against perpetrators of sexual violence against learners, from primary school to university, and plan for the creation of a national observatory to monitor cases.

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