Taking office of the 48 new delegates of the High Council of Togolese Abroad


The 48 new country delegates of the High Council of Togolese Abroad (HCTE) elected last month, officially took office this Wednesday, November 23, 2022, during a ceremony led in Lomé by the Togolese Minister of Foreign Affairs Robert Dussey.

These delegates, elected for a 3-year term, will have to mobilize the Togolese diaspora in the service of national development, by facilitating its investment in the country’s projects.

The head of Togo’s diplomacy once again took the opportunity to appreciate the efforts of the delegates in their last terms.

“Most of the delegates distinguished themselves, not only by their availability and their ability to unite Togolese abroad around projects of common interest, but also by their spontaneous and active solidarity with regard to their compatriots in situations of distress. The HCTE delegates have particularly distinguished themselves as true promoters of the cultural identity and brand image of our country by initiating or supporting several events,” he said.

“From a collective point of view, the role of the HCTE was decisive in the organization of successive waves of repatriation of compatriots stranded in their countries of residence following the closure of borders during the health crisis, as it was also in assistance to our compatriots who were in difficulty in Ukraine at the start of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict,” he added.

The initiative is salutary according to the resident representative of the United Nations Program in Togo (UNDP), Aliou Dia, because it allows “Togolese abroad to take an active part in the multisectoral transformation of the country”.

Source : icilome.com