Release of Ivorian soldiers: The U.S. hail Togo and ECOWAS


The United States of America commended Togo and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) for their efforts leading to the release of the 49 Ivorian military personnel arrested in Mali and in July 2022.

“Pleased to hear about the safe return of Côte d’Ivoire’s soldiers, who were detained in Mali. Thanks to the Government of Togo, ECOWAS, African Union, and other friendly states for their efforts to facilitate this peaceful resolution.”, reiterated the Embassy of the United States of America in Lomé in a Tweet responding to that of Edward Price, Spokesperson for the Department of State of the United States.

The soldiers sentenced in December by the Malian courts for “crimes of attack and conspiracy against the Government; undermining the external security of the State; carrying and possession of arms and ammunition for war or defense intentionally in relation to an individual and collective enterprise whose purpose is to disturb public order through intimidation or terror”, joined their various families this week after a presidential pardon.

This decree follows the negotiation efforts led by the Togolese government and the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS).

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