New suspected terrorist threat in northern Togo

The Togolese Minister of Security and Civil Protection of Togo confirmed Thursday a “new incursion of terrorists” into northern Togo on the night of February 19, 2022.

These terrorists, according to the minister who was speaking on a private radio in the Togolese capital, have reportedly asked the inhabitants of the village of Lalabiga, near Mandouri in the Prefecture of Kpendjal (near the border with Burkina Faso), to leave their village before last Monday, February 21.

Taken by fear, several began to leave the locality to take refuge in the neighboring localities, in particular in Mandjouri, indicated the minister without specifying the number of these displaced persons.

However, he continued, “they were taken back to their village and are with the Defense and Security Forces (FDS). So, more fear than harm”.

Togo’s Minister of Security assured that the area is under surveillance. He called on the population to calm and be vigilant.

“Everyone has to be very careful about what is circulating on social media. If there is something, we must inform the Defense and Security Forces,” he added.

Since November 2021, terrorist threat has been strong in northern Togo. On the night of November 9 to 10, a security post of the Togolese armed forces deployed in the area of ​​the same locality of Kpendjal, in Sanloaga precisely, was attacked by terrorists.

The attack was foiled and the response enabled the neutralization of a terrorist according to official information.

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