Covid19- Unprecedented scandal at the civil prison of Lomé.


On Tuesday May 12, 2020, through a brutal demonstration the prisoners demand the congestion of the Lomé civil prison during this period of the spread of coronavirus. The Security and law enforcement used tear gas canisters to hold in the protesters.

According to the director of the prison Akissou Idrisou, the incident was quickly restrained.
« This was a demonstration that was quickly brought under control, »
He also said that he had a meeting with a delegation of detainees on the eve of the revolt. Meeting during which the two parties discussed the additional measures that need to be taken in order to avoid contamination within the prison.

“We have agreed on things that should be applied from this day on. But I woke up to the news of the protests. We can’t grant people bail like that. The release of detainees responds to a number of procedures, ”said Mr. Idrissou.

He moreover continued, « The new prisoners are systematically quarantined. And it was among these that we found 19 people infected with Covid-19. The others are safe, away from these people. However, we nevertheless agreed to screen everyone. We cannot release prisoners like that. It would even constitute a risk for society ”.
In this situation, Kpatcha Gnassingbé, the sentenced step brother of the president of the republic of Togo had to be exfiltrated.

So far , One hundred and eighty one (181) cases are recorded for being infected by Coronavirus with eighty one active cases in the Country.

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