What brought a British delegation to Togo this week


The prime minister of Togo, Victoire Tomégah-Dogbé had on June 26, 2023 in Lomé, a working session with a British delegation led by Mrs. Harriet Thompson, the ambassador of the country to Togo and Ghana. This meeting, which is part of the follow-up to actions taken to promote bilateral relations between the United Kingdom and Togo, focused on issues relating to the security situation in Togo and in the sub-region.

At the end of Monday’s working session, Mrs. Harriet Thompson, explained that she had discussed with the Prime Minister on security and defense issues in Togo and in the sub-region, as well as on ongoing trade projects between the companies from both countries.

This meeting, she said, was an opportunity to learn about the emergency program in the Savannah Region and especially how British companies can contribute to the realization of this project in areas such as water, energy, etc.

“We also discussed how our security forces can work with the Togolese forces to increase their capacity to combat the threats of terrorism in the north of the country”, she underlined.

In addition, discussions focused on the trade and investment forum that England will host in October. “I hope that Togo will be present and that there will be more opportunities for the government, but also, for Togolese companies to make connections with British companies to achieve more trade, more investments and more trade relations between our two countries,” she added.

Source : icilome.com