Türkiye-MMLK calls for help for Togolese migrants in prison


In a press release published Tuesday, July 25, 2023, the Martin Luther King Movement (MMLK) is sounding the alarm and calling on the Togolese authorities on the situation of young Togolese in Turkey. More than a dozen Togoles are reportedly jailed in Turkey for lack of a residence permit.

According to the MMLK, a wave of arrests is currently being made on Africans in an irregular situation in Türkiye and the Togolese are not spared.

“As proof, more than a dozen of our compatriots would be imprisoned and according to the information given by a source on the spot, inhuman and cruel treatment would be inflicted on them,” says the group.

“With the degradation and deterioration of the living conditions of the sons and daughters of the African continent in Turkey, the Martin Luther King Movement calls on African leaders in general and the Togolese authorities in particular to remind Turkey that the interests between allies and partners must take into consideration the life of their respective diasporas. Otherwise, reciprocity measures must be exercised.”

The Movement recalls that during the recent earthquake in the middle East county, African nations showed their support not only moral but also financial to the government of Ankara, and “to pay Africa in monkey currency is an unparalleled ingratitude”.

“For the situation of the Togolese, it is urgent that the Togolese government commission a delegation to free our compatriots and grant them a moratorium of 03 months to return home according to their request”, concludes the document.

Source : icilome.com