Togo-The two Togolese journalists locked up are on bail

Ferdinand Ayité and Joël Egah, the two Togolese journalists arrested since December 10, 2021, were released on Friday December 31. They on a conditional freedom.

The journalists have finally joined their families. However, they are required to report to a judge at least once a week.

After their custody at the Research and Investigation Brigade (BRI) in Lomé, they were subsequently transferred to prison on Christmas Eve.

On Friday, December 31, the courts decided on their provisional release. The directors of the newspapers “L’Alternative” and “Fraternité” were then placed under judicial supervision.

Ayite and Egah were arrested on December 10, and put to prison without trial over comments they made on a show published via YouTube. Some ministers of state claimed the two have defamed them.

Their arrests sparked reactions around the world, especially from international NGOs, such as CPJ, Amnesty International, Reporter Without Borders, and many others.

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