Togo-The government prohibits an opposition meeting

The meeting planned by certain political parties grouped within the Dynamic Monsignor Kpodzro (DMK) in the Bè district (Gulf 1) on this Saturday, is prohibited”, General Yark Damehame, Togo’s Minister in charge of security and civil protection announced.

Main reasons for this suspension, “last minute information and the major risk that could result from it for the safety of people and property”.

According to Yark Damehame, “the organization of such a demonstration, in a very worrying sub-regional and national security context and marked in particular by notorious volatility and unpredictability, is likely to compromise the ongoing efforts to preserve order. public and national security”.

The populations are therefore invited to “go about their business freely in complete peace of mind”.

Meanwhile, Togolese activists close to the opposition are criticizing the government’s decision.

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