Togo-Strike: The number of dismissed teachers increased

Gilbert Bawara, the Togolese Minister of Public Service, Labor and Social Dialogue, has extended the list of teachers excluded from teaching for having observed the strike in recent days.

After the publication of a first list of 137 teachers removed from education, and returned to the general administration, after they respected the strike order launched by the Teachers’ Union of Togo (SET), the Minister for the Civil Service, Labor and Social Dialogue just extended it and now brings it to 146 names, i.e. an addition of 9 new people.

The SET makes the government dizzy. Meanwhile the latter qualifies it as illegal. The members of the association say they want to go all the way to get answers to their protests.

The Executive, for the moment, opts for radical measures. In addition to threats, intimidation and even insults, its proceeds by excluding strikers.

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