Togo seizes 40 tonnes of maize en route to Ghana

A control team from the Togolese Ministry of Commerce intercepted in the night of Wednesday to Thursday, in Aflao near the border with Ghana, a shipment of 40 tons of maize intended for export.

The action took place following a denunciation to the dedicated toll-free number against abnormal practices 8585.

According to the facts, revealed by the ministers of trade and communication, “the cargo was trying to fraudulently leave the country, while already on May 16, 2022 by interministerial decree a legal basis makes it possible to regulate the exit of basic necessities to prevent the population from having any kind of shortage and attenuate the inflationary effect”.

“In accordance with the regulations, not only the truck and the stock are seized, but also a criminal prosecution will be initiated against those responsible,” said Kodjo Adedze.

“The Government is at work but the whole population will have to cooperate to avoid a food shortage in the country”, he recalled.

As a reminder, Togolese authorities announced in April, a seizure of a cargo of 26 tons of maize in the Lakes.

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