Togo-Online criminal record request, Now operational

The Prime Minister, Mrs. Victoire Sidémého Tomégah-Dobgbé, has officially launched yesterday the platform of the automated national criminal record in Togo.

A precious document that Togolese citizens and foreigners can obtain through the internet connection on a mobile phone or computer.

The ceremony took place in the presence of the Keeper of the Seals, Minister of Justice and Legislation, Mr. Pius Agbétomey and several of his government colleagues.

Natural and legal persons are concerned by this document. These are respectively Togolese born in the country or abroad and people whose birth certificate has not been found or whose identity is doubtful.

Regarding foreigners residing in Togo or having stayed there, the Minister explained that instead of the criminal record, a certificate of conviction or non-conviction is issued to them.

As regards legal persons concerned by the criminal record, these are legal persons governed by private law.

In Togo, the request for a criminal record can therefore be made online on the site https: //, by filling out a request form.

An identity document is attached to it. The request can also be made by the interested party in a processing center of the national criminal records service.

The latter is validated at the end of the procedure for filling out the form after electronic payment of the processing fees. Regarding precisely this payment, it is made electronically.

There are three (3) payment methods, namely, by TMoney, Flooz and Credit card.

The cost is set at five hundred (500) F CFA per copy. The same amount is applicable to certificates of conviction or non-conviction.

The document is delivered by hand delivery to the applicant or his representative in any processing center established in the courts.

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