Togo-nearly 300 private schools to be closed


In Togo, the Ministry of Primary, Secondary, Technical and Handicraft Education announced last week , the closure from the next school year (2023-2024) of several private schools in situation of irregularity.

In all, there are 295 of them throughout the country, considered to be illegal. “Not only do these institutions not offer a secure training and learning environment, but also and above all they do not ensure the quality of education as recommended by the roadmap”, explains Minister Komla Dodzi Kokoroko.

Therefore, “parents of the students are invited to direct their children to schools that comply with regulatory standards, in order to guarantee them quality training,” he urged.

According to the government, a mission to control schools, secular and denominational, was carried out upstream throughout the country, and today allows the education authorities to have a “reliable and up-to-date directory.”

While some schools are not even declared, others who have taken the first step, but have not even applied for accreditation.

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