Togo: more than 130 “striking” teachers fired

A total of 137 teachers were fired during the week from the framework of education officials by Togo’s Minister of Public Service, Labor and Social Dialogue, Gilbert Bawara, who signed an order to this effect.

These excluded teachers are now made available to the general administration, underlines the minister who, on his Twitter account, specifies that they are, “essentially, agents who have distinguished themselves in a way repetitive in actions contrary to the requirements of teachers by persisting in creating and maintaining in this crucial sector of national life that is education, tensions and disturbances”.

The teachers targeted, observed the call for cessation of work launched by the Union of Teachers of Togo (SET) while this group has no legal existence, according to the Togolese authorities.

They had noted that in accordance with the Labor Code and the provisions of the decree of February 23, 2022 relating to the representativeness of professional unions and the exercise of the right to strike in Togo, the notice initiated by the SET “is null and void “.

As a reminder, since February , the provisions relating to the exercise of the right to strike in Togo have been updated and now require the representativeness of professional unions. Similarly, the Togolese authorities and the teachers’ unions signed a memorandum of understanding on March 10, which requires a truce in strike movements for a period of 5 years.

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