Togo – Faure Gnassingbé’s opponent, Brigitte Adjamagbo released on condition

Mrs Brigitte Adjamagbo-Johnson, leader of a the Togolese opposition party, CDPA, was released on condition on Thursday morning, according to a statement from her lawyer.

Provisional release of our clients, Mrs. ADJAMAGBO JOHNSON Kafui and Mr. DJOSSOU Gérard together with a placement under judicial supervision » announced their lawyer, Atsoo Kokou Darius on Thursday December 17, 2020.

Brigitte Kafui Adjamagbo-Johnson, new coordinator of « Dynamique Monseigneur Kpodrzo » (DMK), a group of opposition parties and civil society organizations in Togo, and Gérard Yaovi Djossou, in charge of social affairs and human rights, were arrested on November 28 and 27, respectively, after the DMK called for a large demonstration in Lomé to denounce the results of the presidential election and the judicial harassment of opponents.

According to the public prosecutor, they are accused of grouping together criminals and endangering the internal security of the state.

However, this is a-

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