Togo denounces discrimination at Ukraine’s borders

Prof. Robert Dussey

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Togo, Prof. Robert Dussey has also spoken about the cases of racial discrimination reported at the Ukrainian borders while some African students residing in the country at war have difficulty finding shelter in neighboring countries of Ukraine.

“No one should prevent Africans because of the color of their skin from leaving Ukraine for another country. No to racism and yes to respect for human dignity. The government with the support of HCTE delegates assists our compatriots”, declared the head of Togolese diplomacy.

Indeed, in many videos circulating on social media, blacks complain of being discriminated against by Ukrainians in train stations, giving priority to their citizens fleeing the war vis-à-vis blacks.

In other videos posted by Nigerian students, border guards on the Polish border can be seen threatening to shoot a group of Nigerians who wanted to enter the country. Eventually they ended up being allowed to enter Poland after they kept chanting “We are students”.

While the Polish authorities continue to deny these unfortunate black experiences, the subject was discussed at the UN Security Council on Monday. The African countries present at yesterday’s meeting denounced these behaviors and called on their UN body to act.

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