Investigation into a new suspected terrorist attack in northern Togo

On the night of Saturday July 09 to Sunday July 10, an explosion occurred in the village of Margba in the Savanes Region, the northern Togo. The incident, confirmed by the General Staff of the Armed Forces, caused the death of seven people and left two injured.

In a press release published a few hours after the explosion, the FAT Chief of Staff, General Dadja Maganawé offered his condolences to the bereaved families.

He also invited the population to “avoid non-essential night travel, in scrupulous respect for the state of security emergency in force in the Region”.

A detachment of “Operation Koundjoare” operating in the region was dispatched to the scene to provide assistance, and an investigation was opened to elucidate the circumstances of the explosion and the perpetrators, assured the government.

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