Fake Covid-19 results : U.S alerts its citizens in Togo

« AVOID THESE INDIVIDUALS and DO NOT ATTEMPT to falsify COVID testing documentation », said a declaration punished this Thursday January 27, 2022, by the U.S. embassy in Lomé, Togo.

According to the embassy, “multiple Americans have reported being approached outside of COVID testing facilities or in the airport by people offering services to assist with testing, and in some cases these individuals directly offered to obtain negative COVID results for travelers”.

“AVOID THESE INDIVIDUALS and DO NOT ATTEMPT to falsify COVID testing documentation, or you will likely face severe repercussions, including fines and prison time, from Togolese authorities, who can locate tests from batch numbers in their systems”, the embassy said.

“COVID test results are automatically shared electronically with Togolese health and immigration officials. If you present manipulated test results while attempting to leave the country, Togolese authorities WILL ARREST YOU “, the statement added.

The Embassy also shared on its social media platforms the actions to take in order to obtain the official COVID test results in the country.

Source : icilome.com


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