Covid-19 : Togo officially announces existence of Omicron in the country

The last variant of coronavirus known as Omicron, is indeed present in Togo, and represents about 25% of new cases of contamination identified in the country, announced Wednesday the National Coordination of Management of the Response (CNGR) during its weekly press release.

The existence of this virus on Togolese territory is no longer rumored as we have heard for some time.

“The Omicron variant is there, and sequencing has shown that it represents 25% of cases, it is more contagious than the old Delta variant. We went from 2.5% positivity to 12.5% ​​positivity ”, indicated the head of the response, Colonel Djibril Mohaman.

This strain, identified last October in India, is deemed to be more contagious than the Delta variant, thus fueling the new rebound in cases observed for a few weeks in the territory.

The new figures from the epidemiological watch attest to this: 469 cases from December 15 to 21, against 117 the week before, and 61 a week back. During the period, three new deaths were recorded, while no loss had been recorded for almost two months.

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