An MP from Togo targeted by death threats and racist insults in France

The member of Parliament in the National Assembly of France, Patrice Anato ensures that he will file a complaint after receiving a threatening letter. The native of Togo explains that this is not the first time that he “or other colleagues” have received such “garbage” letters.

“The Negroes, of which you are a part, are a mistake of nature and a shame for our Republic. You are nothing but good for nothing, a backward people, without soul or brain. ” These are some words addressed on Tuesday, December 21 to the LREM MP for Seine-Saint-Denis Patrice Anato in an anonymous letter sent to the National Assembly.

The elected official himself, posted the photo of the courier on Twitter.

“A letter of frightening racism, punctuated by a death threat,” he wrote. Because, in addition to multiple racist insults, the author of this missive openly threatened the deputy. “We will do everything to eliminate you from this country” he indicated. Or “Go back to your bush or count your days ..Death to you !!”.

Patrice Anato had so far made the choice not to relay them to avoid “advertising fools”, he believes that “the current context” requires making them public.

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