Albert Kan-Daapah and Nana Akufo-Addoh had Decridibilized Themselves and Can No More Be Mediators in The Togolese Crisis.

Twice over the past 3 months, Togolese in Ghana and their sympathizers had been violently disbanded and thrown in jail for demonstrating in support for the Togolese opposition and people demanding the limitation of presidential term and the reinstatement of the 1992’s constitution in Togo. The people of Togo had been taking it to the street to demand the end of the 50 years of the dynastic rule of the Gnassingbes and their cronies.

Albert Kan-Daapah and Nana Akufo-Addoh had Decridibilized Themselves and Can No More Be Mediators in The Togolese Crisis.

The Ghanian and Guinean Presidents had been named by the Secretary General of the United Nations to mediate in the crisis.

Albert Kan-Daapah had been charged by Nana Akuffo Addoh to engage both parties to the crisis in Togo in order to clear the way for a dialogue. This is where we are right now.

On October 28, Togolese residing in Ghana and their Sympathizers had been disbanded and arrested for (according to officials in Accra) staging an illegal protest in support of the people in Togo.

On Saturday December 16, 2017 a planned and legal demonstration organized by the National Convention People ( NCP) in support of the fight of the Togolese People to get rid of the Don Corleon of Togo had again been disbanded and demonstrators arrested by order of the Minister Albert Kan-Dankpan for no reason, the same person who is the foreman of the mediators in the Togolese crisis.

We all know the incestuous relationship between the Gnassingbes and the NPP, the party of Nana Kufor Addo, the sitting Ghanian President. We know that Gnassingbe father had been bankrolling the NPP since 1990 because he considered John Jerry Rawlings as a Sympathizer the opposition parties in Togo.

We are also aware of the personal relationship between Albert Kan-Daapah and Faure Gnassingbe. The Togolese Opposition was relying on the good faith and sound judgement of Albert and Akuffo Addo and trusting them as mediators in the crisis even though they had demonstrated clearly that the had been taking side with the Gnassingbe family to whom they remained Aon Saturday: “We received orders from the hierarchy.” Understand from the minister of interior: Albert Kan-Daapah.

Can he still be retained as the negotiator, or be recused?

Koffi Apati-Bassah


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