A UN Trust Fund hails Togo for its gender policy

The United Nations, through the Elsie Fund, congratulated Togo for its gender equity policy, particularly in the deployment of women in the theaters of peace operations.

This recognition comes following the ministerial decree appointing gender focal points by the Ministry of the Armed Forces.

It was an opportunity for the Canadian Embassy based in Ghana to also extend its congratulations to the country of Faure Gnassingbé.


For Togo, which was recently the 7th beneficiary of the Elsie Fund, this decision marks “a decisive step in the commitment to the implementation of the project”, as specified in the UN service.

Togo is one of the best contributors to peacekeepers, with nearly 1,500 men deployed around the world, aims to raise the level of participation of women.

The objective is to reach 10% of the female workforce in the big silence, and to increase female participation in UN missions from 6.91% to 14.62% by 2023.

As a reminder, a few weeks ago, while Togo was benefiting from this facility, the Minister of the Armed Forces, Essossimna Marguerite Gnakade, had specified that the “Elsie Initiative Fund will make it possible to achieve the ultimate objective which is to give Togolese women in uniform, with equal competence, their place alongside their male colleagues ”.

Source : icilome.com


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